There's a new viral trend happening right now on TikTok and it's not the brightest idea anyone had.

Have you heard of the "Milk Crate Challenge" on TikTok?  Basically, you stack a whole bunch of milk crates into a pyramid and try to cross over them. The idea behind it is to attempt to make it from one side all the way to the other without the crates falling over. However, the problem with this challenge is that almost every time, they do come crashing down and so do the people attempting the challenge.

Sooo let's talk about the Milk Crate Challenge for a second, shall we?

As someone who is extremely accident-prone, you won't catch me attempting this challenge. I learned my lesson a long time ago when I tried to do parkour. By the way, if you ever want to try parkour...just don't. Trust me. One broken ankle and surgery later, I have officially retired as the "Parkour Legend". Anyway...after that moment, watching videos like these doesn't really make me laugh as much as they make me cringe. I realize that most people on social media see the videos and laugh at the crash and fall, but I see some of these videos and I have flashbacks of me getting injured. I know that these people are about to attempt a challenge that won't work out too well for them. Case in point:

After seeing these videos, I think it's safe to say that common sense isn't too common anymore. I'm going to sound like an old man here, but guys...don't attempt this challenge. You can and most likely will seriously injure yourself. I think I would know when it comes to things like this. The injury/recovery really isn't worth the views on TikTok and Twitter. Find another way to make yourself famous that doesn't result in a possible broken neck.

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Having said all of that, there were two Milk Crate Challenge videos that didn't make me cringe. In fact, I was pretty impressed not only that they successfully completed the challenge but how they did it!

So unless you are these two, or you are a certified Milk Crate Challenge professional. DO NOT attempt this challenge. It's all fun and games until you see the hospital bill!

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