Today, Warrick County parents received an email from the WCSC Food & Nutrition Department that contained some good news.

It was announced via email last week that breakfasts and lunches at Warrick County schools would be free-of-charge to students which was made possible by the USDA. This USDA waiver will be in effect until December 31st or until the USDA funds run out (whichever is first).

Today, the Warrick County School Corporation Food & Nutrition Department announced it will be refunding some lunch money. The email stated, "On September 11th, the USDA released a NEW waiver regarding school meals.  This new waiver not only continues to allow us to provide meals to all WCSC students at NO COST until December 31st or until the USDA funds run out (whichever is first), but it now allows the WCSC Food & Nutrition Department to provide meal account credits to those students who had purchased a breakfast or lunch meal since August 12, 2020 at the 2020 WCSC approved meal prices that were set prior to the implementation of free meals."

It went on to say that the WCSC Food & Nutrition Department is in the process of putting funds back into students' meal accounts for each breakfast and lunch meals they purchased since August 12, 2020 totaling $140,987.95. If you are expecting a credit, look for "Imported Account Payment” in your student's lunch account. It might take a few days to show up and they will remain in your student’s account to purchase snack items or used when the USDA funds run out.


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