The Rob and Maddie have a friendly competition when it comes to arcade games. 

Ah, what a beautiful friendship has blossomed between co-workers. The Rob and Maddie actually hang out outside of work too! Maddie has attended Rob's wedding and Rob has met Maddie's child. I guess you could say the two are pretty close pals.

Over the course of the last few months, Rob and Maddie have found themselves in several arcades for whatever reason. This has started somewhat of a friendly feud between the two when it comes to games.

As we know, Rob is a die-hard video gamer, while Maddie hasn't picked up a controller in years. However, they both mutually agree that Mario Kart is the best game by far.

Anyway, earlier this week we caught up with Rob and Maddie at Gatti Town, and some stuff went down.

There really isn't a racing game better than Mario Kart, but they tried.

While The Rob might hold the title for Mario Kart Champion (only by THREE), Maddie puts him to shame in Dance Dance Revolution.

They really are the best of friends.



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