There's something about fire that is just mesmerizing. The way the flame dance in the air while it burns is pretty awesome. How could it possibly get any more mesmerizing? How about watching it in slow motion?

During the Newburgh Fire Department's Open House last Sunday, one of the activities available was the opportunity to extinguish a controlled fire. Using a large metal pan, the Department fed propane gas into water through an attached hose on the back of the pan, making the water flammable. Using a flare, a member of the Department would light the water which would then be extinguished by a visitor (usually a child).

Check out the video above to see the moment the heat from the flare ignites the gas, then spreads to the rest of the pan followed by a young firefighter fan hosing it down with a fire extinguisher start to suppress the flame until it's out. Pretty cool (or in this case, hot) stuff!

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