The latest song from P!nk to hit the airwaves features none other than the lead singer of Fun. - Nate Ruess.


Can I just start by saying that I ♥♥♥ P!nk?! I think she is an amazing singer and performer, and she is one fierce lady! Now, about the official music video for her latest track - Just Give Me a Reason... The song itself is haunting and beautiful. The video is just the right mix of melancholy and steaminess. While the track features Nate Ruess from Fun. sharing vocals with P!nk, the video has her husband, Carey Hart, in it. He is one sexy piece of man. I'm just sayin'. While watching the video, you can tell just how in love she and Carey are with each other. I'm not sure that you could fake that kind of intimacy and passion.


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