Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s Office began the search for a 26 ft. blue spruce back in August. The Southern Indiana National Electrical Contractors Association was willing to donate the tree from their property on West Franklin Street, and it's a beauty.

Last week the tree was cut and transported to its home for the holidays by SKANSKA. Even though the tree didn't have to travel far, it always takes a big crew of volunteers to get it safely in place. Vectren makes sure there are no power lines in the way, and the Evansville Police Department handles the traffic. The Downtown Economic Improvement District partnered with the Mayor's office to provide extra lighting around the Civic Center.

This year's Tree Lighting Ceremony was broadcast on the Mayor's social media platforms, and now it lives on his Youtube channel. The ceremony begins and ends with a special performance by the Signature School Choir. Their amazing director, Henry Maurer, pieced together each of their voices, after they were recorded separately.

The lights were once again donated by Advanced Network and Computer Services. How many lights? Only around 25,000!

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Downtown Evansville is Decked Out for Christmas

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