If you're a parent, I'm going to go out on a limb and say at some point you jumped on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon. He may be sitting somewhere in your house right now, keeping tabs on how the kids are behaving so he can report what he's seen to Santa. Whether he's there now, or has been a holiday visitor in the past, you know part of the magic is that he moves to somewhere different in the house every day. You also know that sometimes he finds a place he really likes and stays there for a few days (LOL). Another part of the magic is watching your kids try to figure out how he moves from place to place. After her kids expressed an interest in trying to catch him in the act, one Chandler mom did just that.

Liam, Esme, and Ayianna Vanwinkle's Elf, Figgy Pepperballs, has been a holiday guest the past couple of years, and this year they decided it was time to figure out what he does when everyone goes to sleep. So, with the help of their mom, Dixie, they set up a camera in the corner of the living room earlier this month before calling it a night. The next morning, they woke up to check the footage, but there was a problem. The tripod they set up was still there, but the phone they were using to record was missing. After a quick search around the living room, they found Figgy and the phone in the Christmas tree. How did it get there? Fortunately for them, Figgy, knowing full well what they were hoping to do, played along and filmed the whole thing. Dixie captured their adorable reaction to watching the video and posted it to her "The Van-Fam" YouTube channel.

Take a look.

How cute is that? While most of us may get a little tired of our Elf showing up each and every year, I like that Dixie and her husband, Rick, have decided to embrace it and allow their kids to keep that sense of curiosity and wonderment. Well done!

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