The community came out and gave the shelter dogs at the Warrick Humane Society a break from their kennels. 

The Warrick Humane Society's Tails on Trails event hosted it's second event on Saturday and the turn out was just as great as the first week!

Tails on Trails is a community volunteering event where people from around the Tri-State can walk shelter dogs. The event is beneficial to both the dogs and the walkers in terms of socialization and good exercise!

Last week there were 14 pups at the shelter, and every single dog got to go on a walk - some more than once! This week, the Warrick Humane Society had about 19 dogs, and the community delivered yet again.

Because of Tails on Trails, more dogs are being adopted and they're spending less time in their kennels.

Here are just some of the adorable babes that are still up for adoption!






There's several more that are up for adoption, but many of them were out for walks during our photoshoot! You can see all of the pictures from Week 2 here.