Yesterday I showed you the video of 5 people playing one guitar. I have fallen in love with this band! Walk Off The Earth is very different from everything else that I have seen. They not only perform original music, but also a ton of really great covers. Here's the thing. A good cover song is hard to come by. Often times, it's a band basically singing a note for note karaoke-with-instruments type performance. The instrumentation is the same as the original. The vocals are matched note for note. In short... It's boring and uninspiring. Walk Off The Earth doesn't do this kind of cover. They put their own spin on it, making it of all things... interesting! Not only to listen to but to watch as well!

So after doing some more checking on this band, I stumble across a video of them performing Adele's Someone Like You and I HAD to share!! I love love love that they toss a ukelele to her and she catches it!