This week's Wacky Wednesday challenge is a classic.  It's the decades-old "Pick Up a Chair" challenge that was once featured on the TV sitcom All in the Family.  Here's how it played out then:

Here's how it played out yesterday when Angel and I tried it:

I seriously could not stand up after I picked up the chair.  My brain was telling my body to do it.  My body just couldn't comply.

Now, if you missed last week's Wacky Wednesday . . .

Last week, we played the Rock Paper Scissors Pie in the Face game.  If you lose a round of Rock Paper Scissors, you're forced to smash your face into a pie tin.  We decided to fill those tins with a variety of things.  We started with flour, then progressed to mayo, marshmallows, Hershey's Syrup and whipped topping.  Here's how it played out!

I seriously had to leave the studio and come straight home and take a shower.  Of course, I had trouble getting to the shower without incident.  As soon as I walked in the back door, all four of my dogs smelled food and attacked me.

Great fun!  Great Wacky Wednesday!  I hope you round up the kids and give it a try at home.  You are going to love it.

Here are some more recent Wacky Wednesday highlights.

The Body Pong Challenge.

The #DonutOnAString Challenge.

Here's another recent blast from the Wacky Wednesday past.  We recently saw video of a group of friends who were trying to balance a tote full of water with their feet.  Then, one by one, members of the group would try to remove their socks while trying to keep the tote balanced.  It was hilarious and Angel and I just knew we would have to try it.  Here's what happened.

We obviously couldn't give up. I mean, we were doing SOOO well. #Sarcasm We decided to refill the tote and give it another whirl. To no one's surprise, the second attempt didn't go quite as well and Angel got drenched.

Angel and I started Wacky Wednesday a few months ago, near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The inspiration behind the series was to give families something fun and "wacky" to try together at home.  Yes, the series grew out of the COVID-19 quarantine, but it has become a staple of our morning show.

So, stay tuned for more wackiness each Wednesday here on WBKR, the WBKR app, and the WBKR Facebook page.  If you have a Wacky Wednesday suggestion for us, shoot us a message via the WBKR Facebook page or through AppChat on the WBKR app.

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