Show KISS FM some love by voting for them in News4U's Top 3 Best Radio Personalities!


News4U, our local magazine, is hosting a new poll on their website asking users to pick their "Top 3" in a number of different of categories such as "Top Bars", "Top Places for Pizza", etc. You should definitely vote for those things (you get to pick 3 different ones so you don't have to make any huge decisions).

The category you should definitely vote in though, is "Top 3 Radio Personalties." All 5 members of the KISS FM staff (Kat, The Rob, Ryan O'Bryan, Nino, and myself) are on the list so you just gotta pick your 3 favorites and show us some love.  You should definitely vote for me though. I'm Gavin. Click the box that says GAVIN. ...Please love me.

You can get your vote on by clicking here!

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