After a six-week trial in which he did not testify, Dr. Conrad Murray sat in the courtroom and waited with the rest of the world to find out whether or not a jury of his peers would find him guilty or not guilty on the charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop superstar, Michael Jackson.

After nearly two full days of deliberation the jury came to the conclusion that Dr. Conrad Murray was guilty of the charge against him.

The entire case centered around accusations that Murray injected Jackson with an above-normal amount of the powerful sedative, propofol, an accusation Murray denied claiming that Jackson injected himself with the drug at a time when Murray had left the room.

The guilty verdict could carry up to 4 years in prison and will strip Murray of his licence to practice medicine. However, in regards to the prison term, a recent California law aimed at tackling overcrowding in state prisons could find the doctor serving his term in a Los Angeles County prison which could also find Murray only serving a portion of the maximum 4 year sentence.