A number of scams have been victimizing Tri-State residents of late.  I, personally, have received the phone calls from Florida, and even from myself (how is that possible?!) about my Mastercard (which I don't even have!).  Now Vectren is warning us about another scam that has surfaced.  It seems that "someone" is making phone calls to Vectren customers claiming to be a representative of the company and wanting an immediate payment or the service to their home or business will be disconnected.
How you make the payment is so fishy that it screams, "Scam!"  If you get one of these calls, you'll be told to get a prepaid credit card and call back with the number and PIN.  Then, as you can imagine, the card is immediately drained of funds and you are left with nothing.  According to Doug Petitt, Vectren’s chief information officer and vice president of information technology and customer service, “Vectren would never require a customer to purchase a prepaid debit or credit card in order to make a payment of any type.  We’re urging any customer who is approached in this fashion to contact us immediately to verify the legitimacy of the request and discuss his/her account status.”

If you receive a phone call like this, you should immediately contact law enforcement.  Also, feel free to report the incident to the Better Business Bureau.