Over the last eight years, Vanderburgh County CASA has served 11,354 children. This is nearly 300 more children than the number of college students currently enrolled at USI.

And this only accounts for the number of children that CASA has served – not the number of children that are on the CASA waiting list.

The need for more advocates is greater than ever, which means CASA needs to grow.

After the New Year, we will be moving to a new home! We are currently in the midst of our CASA’s New Casa Building Campaign as we raise funds for items such as office doors, a new conference room, cabinetry and trim.  And as we all know, moving always creates unexpected expenses too.

CASA will always continue to recruit volunteers in effort to reduce this list of children that do not have an advocate.

So this holiday season we ask you to consider becoming a CASA Volunteer or making a donation to our CASA’s New Casa Building Campaign and help us open the doors for more children.

(Donations to our new home can be made at our current office at 728 Court Street downtown Evansville, or on our Facebook Page.)

-from Ginger Happe, Vanderburgh Co. CASA

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