Usher shocked host Wendi McLendon-Covey — and the rest of the world — when he stripped down to his underwear during a recent appearance on Repeat After Me.

For those not familiar with the new show, celebs help Wendi pull off hidden camera pranks on unsuspecting victims. She feeds them instructions via an earpiece and the more ridiculous the tasks, the better. However, Usher totally went off-script when he peeled off his leather shorts during an episode that aired on Monday (March 9).

Here's some background on the prank: Usher pretended to need basketball lessons for a fake upcoming movie. Unfortunately, his basketball instructor was the target of the joke. While the singer initially acted like he didn't know anything about basketball, couldn't jump at all and struggled to stretch ("I think I may have pulled a buttock!"), the best part of the whole video came when he blamed his leather shorts for his issue.

While Wendi instructed Usher to claim that his leather basketball shorts feel like a sauna, the singer took things one step further by actually taking them off. (By the way, Wendi's reaction to Usher stripping is priceless.) His instructor handled Usher removing his pants way better than we would have. In other words, he didn't pass out in a cold faint.

You can watch it all go down — including the instructor's reaction when he finds out Usher's erratic behavior was all a joke — in the Repeat After Me clip above.

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