Before you head out to the 84th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus this weekend, you might want to be aware of some updated Ford Center security policies that could affect you and your family.

Ryan O'Bryan

A lot of families will be going to the Ford Center this weekend, and the venue is fully aware that you may have young children who still aren't potty trained. If you will be bringing a diaper bag along with you, they MUST be within the bag size regulations of 13"x13"x13" and no backpack diaper bags will be allowed in Ford Center.

There are some other security precautions that you might want to be aware of, if you aren't already. Those can be found in the graphic below.

Ford Center

There will be bag checks and walk through metal detectors as you enter the building, so if you are wanting to participate in pre-circus events, please plan accordingly to arrive early to get through  our security check point. You can see all of the prohibited items and security policies before attending the event by clicking here.

If any you have questions regarding the Ford Center's Security Policies, you can call 812-422-1515.