Sam's story has a happy ending!

Earlier this week I introduced you to Sam.  Sam is an AMAZING dog who was available for adoption from the Warrick Humane Society.  For reasons nobody could understand, Sam had been at the Humane Societ for over THREE MONTHS...  Longer than any other dog at the shelter!

I am happy to report that my buddy Sam is no longer available for adoption...  He's found his forever home!  So, a big thanks and congratulations to whoever took this sweet boy home, and further thanks to anybody who expressed interest in meeting Sam!


The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West will be back at the Warrick Humane Society this Thursday (March 15th, 2018) trying to help link up some of their other amazing animals with loving families!  Also, I've included the video of Sam below because he's such a sweetie, but he is no longer available for adoption!

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