I want to once again thank our amazing KISS 106 listeners and social media followers because we have, once again, utilized social media for something POSITIVE!  This time, you helped find a wonderful dog a loving family!


Bam Bam is an adorable Plot Hound dog who had a fair amount of energy.  He is a happy, well-behaved four-year-old dog who has been sad sitting in the Warrick Humane Society for nearly FIVE MONTHS.


Two weeks ago, I shared his story on our website and social media, and I encouraged people to do the same, and hoped that maybe somebody would see him and just fall in love.  The first week went by...  No such luck.


Facebook can be tricky about the way their algorithms or whatever, and for some reason, the posts made the first week didn't go very far.  So last week, I made an extra hard push for Bam Bam, and a lot of you helped share his information.  As I was preparing to gear up for a THIRD week of sharing this beautiful dog, I got word from the Warrick Humane Society that Bam Bam has FINALLY FOUND HIS FOREVER HOME!!!


So thanks again to everyone who shared his information, because we got it to the right people!  And to whoever adopted Bam Bam, you're the real hero!  Thank YOU, and congratulations on your growing family!


I've included the information from the previous weeks below:




It always breaks my heart when I have to share information about a dog that has been at the Warrick Humane Society for MONTHS, which I had to do last week for Bam Bam, who has been there for about four months...  But it's ESPECIALLY heartbreaking when I have to share one an animal more than once.


Sadly, this is what I have to do for Bam Bam.  Last week, I shared his information, and asked for your help to get it out there further.  A lot of you did share his information, and we're incredibly thankful for that, however poor Bam Bam still hasn't found his forever family.


So this week, I'm going to ask for your help again.  I will continue until this amazing boy finds his forever home.  If you can find it in your heart to share this information along on your social media, we'd be incredibly grateful and I'm sure Bam Bam would deeply appreciate your help!


Included below is the original post, written last week, and I've included some new photos of the beautiful Bam Bam!



I stopped by and visited our friends from the Warrick Humane Society.  I'm always happy to meet the amazing animals out there, and check in to see if there are any "special animals" that may need our help.  Well, I found one this time:


This is Bam Bam.  Bam Bam is a REALLY good boy.  He's a Plot Hound, and he's strong with a good bit of energy.  He's great with people, other dogs, and bigger kids, but not recommended for a family with small children or toddlers.  He hasn't been acting or out or displayed any behavior issues, and he is a treat-motivated loyal companion who becomes friends fast with everybody that he meets!


But for some reason which we can't figure out, our buddy Bam Bam has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than any other animal!  Again, he's got a good bit of power and some energy, but not enough that he'd be an immediate turn-off to so many people.  He's handsome, he's sweet, and he's loving and well-behaved.  He's been at the Warrick Humane Society since May, so it's going on FOUR months!


I'm telling you, Bam Bam would be an excellent addition to any home that doesn't have really small children!  If you think you might like to meet this sweet boy, he'd LOVE to meet you, too!  He's available for adoption from the Warrick Humane Society.  If you are unable to adopt Bam Bam, he'd probably REALLY appreciate it if you shared this so that he can find his fur-ever home ASAP!  Four months is too long for this amazing dog to be without a family to love him!

All photos: Warrick Humane Society/Allison Cain-Duce




All photos: Warrick Humane Society/Allison Cain-Duce