One protester was escorted out of the rally for what she was wearing.

Rachel Wambach
Rachel Wambach

There were plenty of protesters at last night's MAGA rally, with some making it all the way inside before being escorted out. Most of those escorted out were asked to leave for holding up disruptive signs, etc.

For Karen Supak, she simply was just wearing the wrong thing. Karen was wearing the attire seen in the popular Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale.

Here's what Karen had to say about how it all went down:

Okay, y’all. Here’s the “inside” scoop on what went down at the rally for this handmaid today.

Waited for two and a half very hot hours for entry to the POTUS’s EVV rally at the Ford Center today, dressed like a handmaid. They allowed me in after a quick search and wanding, just like everyone else. I was in the Ford Center long enough to see my son make it in okay.

When I was headed into the stands to sit down, I was approached by what I assume was a Secret Service Agent in body armor and a nice suit and was told I needed to come with him as I was being asked to leave immediately. When I asked him why, he told me I needed to wait until I left the stands, and indicated I was to follow a second agent. I became confused at the presence of two similarly dressed men in the direction he’d indicated; he simply became very insistent that I follow. Although confused, I picked the correct person (yay!) and was flanked closely by both men the entire trip to the floor (despite the fact that I’d just been through a metal detector, been physically searched, had my bag searched, and been wanded).

At the back door, it was explained to me that “this is a private event, and the organizers don’t want you here.” When I explained that I had a ticket, that I was there to silently hear what the President had to say to my teenaged son (who was elsewhere in the venue at the time), assured them I would not disrupt the rally in any way, and even offered to remove my cloak and outer bonnet, they responded that no, I was not welcome, and I was escorted out immediately.

Guess I can add “escorted from a rally by the Secret Service in an attempt to silently protest the President” to the things I no longer need to check off my bucket list.

There were also many bright moments today. I’ll share more about those once I’ve slept, but for tonight, I’m keeping some of those lovely memories all to myself. Good night, Evansville."

One thing is for sure, the Trump Administration is certainly playing fast-and-loose with what the rules for "peaceful" protest are.

You can see her original post below:


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