I can’t decide how I feel about his one.  Decorating trees and Halloween isn’t something I’m ready to get into just yet.  However, the new fall decorating trend of 2020 is to have a “fall Christmas tree”.

Just like the name suggests people are already starting to put Christmas trees in their living rooms.  But instead of throwing on tinsel and red or green bulbs, they are throwing on extra fall colored leaves, little pumpkins, and scarecrow ornaments.  Isn’t that just precious?

I am not too sure how this trend was started but #fallchristmastress is all over Instagram.  I don’t know if it’s because people are that eager to get to Christmas or we are just running out of things we can use to decorate for the fall season.  Either way, this is where we are.

Now, it doesn’t appear people are going all out on tree decorating as you normally would during the month of December.  All you need is a small tree that you can put on a small box or even a hay or straw bale.  Then you can add extra leaves for more of a pop and of course you can’t forget those little pumpkins.  Oh, and lights.  You can’t have a decorated tree without lights.

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Still obsessing! 🍁 • • • #fallchristmastree #fall #falltree #southerncharm

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on the idea.  I just think it may take some getting used to.  Anytime you see an evergreen conifer, it’s really hard not to think of Christmas time.  Which, is still two months away.  Just an FYI.  Anywho, it looks like this year you have a pass to break out the “Christmas” tree a little earlier.  Just call it a Fall tree and you will be good to go.

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