For starters, I know that I am writing this from the perspective of someone who does not have kids.  That being said, I am pretty sure that I can say with certainty that it must be both gratifying and sad to see your kids grow up.  Gratifying because you get to see them blossom into young adults.  Sad because time goes way too fast and you still wish you could love on your kids like you did when they were little.  One mom, however, has taken her son's growing up a bit harder than most parents and has come up with a pretty odd coping strategy.

This mom (who shall remain nameless) is pretty saddened by the fact that her son is getting older and does not want to cuddle with her anymore.  So, what does she do?  She creates a life-size, knitted version of him.  That way she can get all the cuddles with her “son” that she wants.  Again, I’m not a parent but this is waaaay too weird for my taste.

A mom whose son is growing too old for cuddles has come up with a unique solution. When her son stopped wanting to...

Posted by Daniel Arenson on Friday, January 22, 2021

Look, I get that you really wish your kid would stay young forever but carrying around a life-size doll of him is a bit much.  I mean at least get a giant teddy bear or something instead, right?  I can’t even imagine how this kid must feel knowing that his mom has a doll of him.  Pretty sure that he won’t want to cuddle with her at all or ever again after this.

Where this gets a little odder is this mom thinks other parents should follow in her footsteps,

“We thought it would be a great idea for mothers with too much love for their children and need to cuddle. So, they could knit their own cuddly pillow son!"

Yeeaaahh, no thanks.

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