Whether you have a cavalier canine or enjoy watching the almost magical methods of Cesar Millan, you won’t want to miss the original host of National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer series on Saturday, November 23rd at the Centre in Evansville sponsored by Pets 1st!

Tickets are available for purchase at ticketmaster.com.


He slobbers, he's messy, he steals food, he's always in trouble! Remember Beethoven? The St. Bernard that won our hearts in the early Nineties? I'd say Beethoven would be a prime candidate for Cesar's way!


This little dog got Dorothy in a lot of trouble. He needed a big dose of patience and calm assertiveness by everyone in Oz.


Okay, so he might not technically be a dog but he had such a nasty attitude, Cesar would have definitely made his way to the Gru household!



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