Who doesn't love a good hearty breakfast? Well, if you're looking for the best breakfast in the state of Indiana, look no further!

We have a lot of great restaurants scattered all throughout the state that serve up delicious breakfasts. You can guarantee that you will be waiting for a while at these popular breakfast spots. Rightfully so, the food is delicious, and not only that but you get a lot on your plate. Many of these places have become weekly traditions for breakfast among families. That being said, what breakfast spot in the state of Indiana is the best?

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Breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast

In general, the best breakfast spot is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes as "the best". In this case, the website Eat This Not That, found the best breakfast spot in each state. Here's how they came to their decision:

<p>We worked with Yelp to determine the best breakfast in every state. Yelp notes, "This is an all-time list of the best breakfast places in the United States according to Yelp. All the businesses on this list are in the Breakfast + Brunch category. 'Best' is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star rating for a business."</p><p>After reviewing the top two or three breakfasts in every state according to Yelp's data, we selected one winning business that garnered exceptional reviews—and the restaurants chosen include a wide variety of settings, cuisine types, and price ranges.</p>

Now that we have established how they picked the best breakfast spot in each state, let's take a look at what was named the best in Indiana.

The Best Breakfast Spot in Indiana

According to Eat This Not That, the best place to grab breakfast in Indiana is Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery in Danville. Located east of Indianapolis, this breakfast hot spot, established in 2005, might look like a house on the outside, but inside you will find some delicious breakfast made from love.

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Here's what Eat This Not That had to say about the Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery:

Comfort food with a contemporary twist—that's the best way to describe this homey cafe, which is located right near the historic Danville town square. Whether you opt for the cinnamon roll French toast, breakfast sandwich, or smoked salmon omelet with dill cream cheese, Yelpers have one tip: Save room for dessert. The <a href="https://www.breadbasketcafe.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer external">Bread Basket Cafe &amp; Bakery</a> tends to get super busy on weekends, but while you wait, you can scope out the stellar baked goods in the display case (think maple pecan bread and strawberry lemonade cookies).

You can learn more about the Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery so you can make sure to visit the next time you are in the area by clicking here. If you're curious as to what breakfast spot was named the best in the other states, check it out here.

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