Those who love outdoor adventures are going to love to see Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

This area has been dubbed "Ohio's Natural Playgound" for several reasons. Hocking Hills State Park is full of mesmerizing waterfalls, natural wonders, caves, hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, zip lining, and so much more.

Located in Logan, Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park is like a road trip to paradise. It's located just under 6 hours from Evansville, but once you see the views, you'll understand why this is well worth the drive. Who would have thought that scenery like this can be found in the middle of Ohio? Oh, and did I mention that visiting the State Park is FREE?

Now, I have a lot of family in Ohio that live close to Hocking Hills State Park, but somehow I never heard of it. I had to find out about it through a post circulating on Facebook. Just by looking at photos of this park, I could easily assume that this is the most beautiful state park in the entire Midwest. I'll get to those photos in a second.

First, if you want to learn more about what you can expect at Hocking Hills State Park in terms of attractions, events, camping, and dining, simply visit the Hocking Hills State Park website to learn more.

Now, take a  look at some of the most breathtaking views from Hocking Hills State Park. From waterfalls to caves, this is only a glimpse of everything you will see when you take your road trip to paradise!

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Hocking Hills State Park In Ohio Is A Road Trip To Paradise

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