I've been fortunate to meet some amazing people during my tenure on KISS FM. Last Summer, I was fortunate enough to get involved with Think Pink Productions.

Kensington Eck, one of the directors and powerhouses behind Think PINK, stopped by to talk about their upcoming production of Toxic Avenger: The Musical. I was very excited to talk to the cast about this show because The Toxic Avenger is one of my cult-favorites and I love musicals a whole bunch. I was also a little bit surprised that this production was taking place in Evansville, considering we are a tad on the conservative side. When I watched the production of Toxic Avenger: The Musical, I knew that this group was something special.

Since Toxic, they've done other below-the-radar plays such as Hands on a Hardbody and Silence: The Musical (a musical based on Silence of the Lambs). Also, last month, they did an amazing production of Falsettos that had people driving in from St. Louis to see. I always leave a Think PINK Production asking "How are they gonna top that?" and consistently being left in awe when the top it.

I'm not the only one who recognizes all that Think PINK does for the community. Last night, during the Celebration of Leadership Awards, Think PINK was honored with the award for "Celebration of Leadership in the Arts." After bringing so many shows to Evansville, that might not otherwise have been brought to town, I can think of no group more deserving of this award. Think PINK is also a stalwart of the community when it comes to promoting equality. I am proud to be even loosely associated with such an amazing group.

Congrats, Think PINK!

Think Pink Productions
Think Pink Productions



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