It's time to let it go. 

Social media has become an ever-growing platform for all types of people to voice their opinions, post pictures of their lunches, and share their life with other users. However, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of what social media was originally intended for - connecting. Instead, it appears we use it more for bragging, or forcing a certain image of ourselves that isn't genuine. At the end of the day, a majority of traffic on social media is done simply for likes and comments...which translates to some type of ego-stroking for the poster. Well, I'm here to try to simmer that down.

We're onto you, social media abusers.

Here's some things you should avoid:

1. The CONSTANT selfies.
I really, really don't need to see what you look like EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sure, having self confidence is a good thing, but fishing for compliments every day seems a bit excessive.

2. Snapchat filters in profile pictures.

3. The gym selfies.
I'm all for improving your body and making healthy decisions. I also have a gym membership, believe it or not. But we have to stop with the constant gym selfies. We know you work out. We believe you. Transformation/progress pics are fine, but we don't need a daily pic of you in your bro tank.

4. Airing out your dirty laundry.
I'm really sorry that your baby daddy's new girlfriend is trash, but talking about it on social media is SO TACKY. The world doesn't need to see you broadcast your drama. There's just some things you shouldn't put on social drama is one of them. I will admit it that sometimes it can be entertaining, but just know more people are laughing at you than sympathizing with you.

5. Sharing chain messages.
I am quite honored that you think of me when forwarding your cheesy chain mail, but it just junks up my inbox. Unfortunately, I will not be sending the message on to "10 beautiful girls" on my friend's list.

6. Sending game requests.
For the 15th time, I don't play whatever farm game you're trying to get me to play. Please, build all the virtual farms you want. If I'd like to play, I'll let you know.

7. Poking/waving people on Facebook.
Unless you're one of my older family members that doesn't quite understand Facebook do's and don'ts, poking is just weird. It's kind of creepy, honestly. Poking people to get their attention seems desperate. Same goes for "waving" at someone via Facebook message. If you're wanting to start a conversation with me, a virtual wave is a bad start.

8. Checking into the hospital/posting a hospital pic and not telling anyone what's wrong.
Oh my gosh. This is beyond annoying. If you're going through the trouble to post on social media while in/at the hospital, do us the favor of at least letting us know why you're there. If it's private, then avoiding posting to begin with. You're literally begging for attention when you're being so vague about it.

9. Expressing your moods with a black screen on Snapchat.
You know the snaps I'm talking about. It's a black screen with the caption that reads something like..."UGH. WORST DAY EVER. GOING TO BED. G'NIGHT." Again, this is screaming for attention. When you've had a bad day and need some comforting, just say it!

10. Snapping the radio/singing along to a song.
Please, share your good music with me. I LOVE hearing new music. However, I don't need the entire song sent in a 3-minute-long Snapchat. Nor do I need to see you singing along to the entire song. Just send maybe ONE video of the song and let us all know what it is, and then we can make the decision to go listen.

11. Humblebrags.
We gotta stop with the ego-stroking, you guys. Posting only for the applause is something I come across on social media every day. Being proud of yourself for a big accomplishment is great, but going out of your way to subtly brag on yourself for minor things makes it seem like you lack self confidence.

12. When your profile picture isn't of you.
I get it, you have a nice car. I mean, a really nice car. You seem proud, but making it your profile picture is a bit much. Are you a transformer? No? Well, then maybe stick to pictures that actually have you in them.

13. Sharing a status/picture when someone wins a large sum of money.
I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but Joe Schmoe who won the lottery isn't going to give $1 million to the first 500 people that share his Facebook post. In fact, it's probably not even Joe Schmoe's REAL Facebook. Tragic, I know, but some people continue falling for it every single time.

14. Uploading pictures from years ago.
We all peak at different ages, but it's been 10 years since high school and it's time to let that girl go. If you don't look even remotely similar to what you looked like then (and let's be honest...who really does?) then try going with a more recent picture. You don't want to come off insecure, so own what you got and work it. Having confidence speaks a whole lot louder than your terrible highlights from 2001. I'm just sayin'. *Note: a TBT post is acceptable...I'm referring more to profile pictures here.

That's it, for now. I'm not saying I've never done these things, because somewhere along the line I'm positive that I have. However, we all need to learn and grow together. Maybe I realized things sooner than others, but I'm here to share my knowledge with you.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll annoy a lot less people on social media. I promise. Good luck!

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