If you are under the impression that kids today have no attention span, you might want to reconsider your stance.  One teenager has broken a world record that takes a lot of patients, dedication, and honestly, sheer will.  What did he do?  He sat…and sat…and sat.

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17-year-old Patrick Cooper (great last name by the way) has broken the world record for the most hours sat on a swing.  Patrick spent 36 hours hanging out on the same playground swing.  I don’t know how he did it but dang that’s impressive.  He stared at 10:23 am on Saturday, March 6, and ended his stay on the swing at 10:23 pm the following Sunday night.  What’s funny about this is the fact that Patrick got a late start on his quest to break the world record.  Why?  Well, because, in true teenage fashion, he slept through his alarm and missed his original start time of 9 am.  Hey, at least he still showed up!

Another side to this story is that not only did Patrick break a world record but he did some charity work in the process.  Even though he was just sitting on a swing he was able to raise over $1,600 for a local hospital.  Okay, it’s official this kid is awesome.

Patrick has submitted video evidence of his world record attempt to Guinness in hopes that he will now be recognized as the official record holder.  What’s the previous record you ask?  A man named Aimee Pivot spent a total of 32 hours, two minutes, and three seconds on a swing back in 2013.  I didn’t even know sitting on a swing was a record, to begin with, but apparently, there are some people who take it very seriously.

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