It was another big week for viral videos, in which the Internet introduced us to everything from an embarrassing drunk dial, to a proposal on live television to a brand-new music video from superstar Katy Perry.

We also saw a few baby videos go viral, both good and bad. The good: a so-cute-its-adorable video of two twin babies having a conversation, which launched into a popular Internet trend. The bad: Well, we'll let tennis pro David Ferrer's actions do the talking (see below).

We've pulled together 12 of the most talked about viral videos from the week. Watch them all now. (Trust us: Your job can wait.)

Twin Babies Have Funny (Albeit Inaudible) Conversation

Nobody knew what these adorable babies were saying to each other, so many sites decided to make up their own dialogue, including Planet 105.1 in Lafyaette.

Girl Drunk Dials the Wrong Guy

What's worse than a drunk dial? Drunk dialing the wrong person, as this one girl unfortunately learned.

'Parks and Recreation' Gag Reel

If you aren't already a fan of what may be NBC's best Thursday-night comedy, you will be after watching this hilarious gag reel.

David Ferrer Lobs Tennis Ball at Crying Baby

Sure, crying babies can be annoying, especially on an airplane. But at the risk of using a bad tennis pun, we think Ferrer is at fault for this one.

Rep Alan Hale Defends Drunk Driving

Hale's bizarre campaign against DUI laws in Minnesota makes us never want to drink again.

Katy Perry Debuts 'E.T.' Music Video

Put down the Reece's Pieces and check out Perry's out-of-this-world music video, featuring Kanye West.

10-Year-Old Girl Covers Adele's 'Someone Like You'

Watch this amazing performance to find out why Adele may want to watch her back.

Monster Truck Does Backflip

This one must been seen to believe.

25 Years of Pixar Movies

Watch a montage of Pixar's best movies in one epic five-minute video.

Britney Spears Performs on 'Good Morning America'

Sure, Brit's dance moves aren't what they used to be, but we won't hold it against her.

Richard Simmons' In-Flight Safety Video for Air New Zealand

Yep É Still afraid of flying.

Carrie Ann Inaba Gets Engaged on 'Regis & Kelly'

This "aww!"-inducing proposal gets a perfect 10.