An update to a story we shared here at WBKR a couple of months ago.  After 22 consecutive years of starting the event in downtown Calhoun and ending it in West Louisville, the annual Trek for the St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children announced big changes for 2020.  Organizers planned to move the event to downtown Owensboro this summer.  However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and with social distancing guidelines and crowd limits still in place, this year's event has been canceled and the move to the new location postponed until Saturday, June 12th, 2021.

However, the Board of Directors have come up with a unique way to continue the event's legacy.  It's called Trek NO 2020.  You're encouraged to take part in your own "Trek" before June 13th.  You can walk, run or bike your desired distance at your own pace on your own course.  You're then encouraged to share the hashtag #MYTREK and you can make a donation by visiting

The annual Trek raises money for the St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children, the Yewell Home for Boys and the new Hayden Home for Girls.  The trek was founded over two decades ago by David Yewell, who still hosts and participates in the event today.

The 2021 route will be a little shy of the usual half-marathon distance that used to run from Calhoun, the length of Hwy 815, then to Hwy 56 into West Louisville.  Trek XXIII will cover 11.77 miles and will start and finish at the St. Joseph Peace Mission (1328 West 3rd Street) in downtown Owensboro.

The Trek allows participants to bike, run or walk the course.  It is a non-competitive event that seeks to promote and celebrate the mission.

This will be the course for next year's fundraiser.

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