Lauren Dalzell Settles grew up around planes and pilots.  Her father was a pilot and she never knew until she was older she could be a pilot too.  With the tragic passing of her father, Dr. Robert "Bob" Dalzell, from a heart attack, while flying, Lauren decided she was going to make sure to honor his legacy.

When someone loses a parent it changes their entire life.  Lauren learned how to fly and even flies her dad's plane.  Only 4% of the aviation population is women.  Lauren is set on changing this figure and she is going to do it.  Just a few years ago she decided she wanted to preserve her dad's memory by offering aviation lessons to other young ladies.  In 2018, Settles was honored as the very first recipient of OWB Friends of Aviation Award.

The sky is literally the limit for Lauren as she just published and released her very first children's book called "Could I Be A Pilot?"

I asked Lauren when she started writing the book and why?

I started writing the book in June of 2019.  I have wanted to write a children’s book since I was 21 but never knew how to do it. It wasn’t until I held my first Girls Aviation Day that I realized how inspired the girls were. Once I saw that I started thinking about writing. I mentioned it to a colleague and she got my mind going on how I could make it happen. I started the research and found that there weren’t many aviation books that featured girls or women (maybe 1 or 2). I wanted something I could read to my kids, especially my little girl, that would inspire them to dream big and know they could achieve it! I then found a publisher that I was confident in. Once that happened I started on my manuscript.
The book is available at Barnes and Noble online, but I’m still working on reaching out to them to possibly get a book signing event.  It’s also available on Amazon, Apple Books, google and the Friesenpress bookstore.
COVID has stopped the aviation camps in Owensboro this year, but I’m hoping to continue those in 2021. Boys aviation day is usually held in May and the girls are held in September.

I am truly inspired by the opportunity my father gave me to become a pilot. I never knew it was possible but through my will and determination, and hopefully, a little ounce of his talent passed down, I was able to make it happen.

My true reason for writing this book is to inspire young children, especially girls, to pursue their passion. To not let anything that seems “too big” get in their way. Aviation seems unreachable in this area but it is possible and attainable. I want them to know that, to ask questions, to visit the airport, and to take a plane ride. After all, that’s where it all starts.

Here's a look inside the book:

When ten-year-old Evie attends an air show with her mom, she discovers, to her surprise, that there are women pilots performing! Inspired by what she sees, she signs up for Girls’ Aviation Day at the airport where she learns all about aviation, airplanes, and the incredible stories of woman pilots. Excited, Evie wonders: could she be a pilot, too?

Owensboro Pilot Writes First Children's Book About Flying

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