I can't get over the fact that after FIFTEEN years of television dominance and (usually) immeasurable popularity, American Idol is down to its final FOUR episodes EVER!  Nevertheless, the field of eight contestants was narrowed down to just six last night as Idol enters its final month.  Here is what I thought about last night's performances:


I'll just lump all of the duets together and say they weren't very great.  Some may have been better than others, but nobody gained a clear-cut advantage in this round.  They were all mediocre.  I'll focus on everyone's solo performance:


LA'PORSHA - COME TOGETHER: When I first saw La'Porsha was covering the Beatles' classic I was initially nervous and didn't think her voice and strengths would work with it.  That was a dumb thought, though, because it seems like there's nothing La'Porsha can't do.  I still have my money on her to win.


MACKENZIE - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL: This was more up his alley than his boy band duet with Dalton earlier in the night.  MacKenzie is still my personal favorite and I thought he did a great job with the Joe Cocker hit.


TRENT - STAND BY ME: One of my all-time favorite songs, I wish Trent would have had a little bit more chill.  I feel like I'm the only person watching who doesn't like Trent's voice.  I haven't really liked any of his performances, but the judges and my girlfriend seem to LOVE it.  Keith made the observation that he was doing a bit too much between the lyrics and I agree that it became distracting and offputting.  I don't care for Trent personally, but I don't expect him to go home anytime soon.


TRISTAN - A BROKEN WING: I also don't care much for Tristan, but unlike Trent, that is based solely on song choice.  I'm just DYING for her to sing something other than country music.


DALTON - ELEANOR RIGBY: The second stab at a Beatles' song tonight was sadly not as memorable as the first (La'Porsha).  It wasn't bad in my opinion, but I think I liked the arrangement and the band more than anything Dalton added to the song.  I would not have chosen this song if I were Dalton.  I don't want him going home because I still have him as the final contestant in my top three.


While my bottom three this week would have been Trent, Tristan, and Avalon, the following three contestants were competing for the one final spot in the top six.


AVALON - P.Y.T. (PRETTY YOUNG THING): I ALWAYS love Avalon's song choices...  And I always think she is nothing special when she sings.  I bet her and my iPods sound the same, but she makes me feel nothing.  She should have gone home a long time ago.


SONIKA - I HAVE NOTHING: I don't think Sonika is a potential winner, but I also don't think she should be bottom three this early on.  She chose a song that fit her voice and was also ambitious.  She sang like her life her depended on it, which it did, and I agree with the judges' decision to keep her around.


LEE JEAN - LET IT BE: I almost wonder if a producer should have stepped in and said, "NO!  Not THREE Beatles' songs in one episode!"  (Although if one should have been cut, it should have probably been Dalton's "Eleanor Rigby.")  Also, when you keep in mind Michael Jackson's estate supposedly makes money from the Beatles' royalties, Blanket probably made out pretty well last night considering there were THREE Beatles' songs and one of Michael's own ("P.Y.T. [Pretty Young Thing"]).  Either way, I WANT to like Lee Jean so much, but he makes it so hard when he doesn't give it his all.  He's been my fourth favorite this whole competition, but I understand the decision to send him packing.