In case you don't remember, I did a blog a while back about the Purity Bear. It's a Christian campaign aimed at discouraging teens from have pre-marital sex. The first bear was a boy bear that popped over the guys shoulder and sounded like Smokey the Bear, if Smokey had actually been SMOKIN' something!

This next installment of the Purity Bear Campaign has a female bear.  This black-furred female-voiced bear pops up like the fat friend at the club and tells the GIRL to stop because the guys will just treat her like an old PIZZA BOX and throw her away when he's done! HOW RUDE?!!?

Instead of maybe encouraging the girl to wait because it's supposed to be special on your first time, or wait until you're ACTUALLY in love, the message is "MEN ARE PIGS THAT TREAT WOMEN LIKE PIZZA"! WWWWTTTTTFFFF?!!? Is anybody gonna actually take a chance a try telling kids the TRUTH for once? Who knows, MAYBE they can handle it?

Do you think this video shows the right approach to getting teens to wait? Take the POLL and vote....

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