When I lived in Louisville one of my favorite things to do every Halloween was participate in the annual Ghost Run.  It was a car rally that took you from haunted house to haunted house around the city.  And, since we're on that subject, I have always been a fan of haunted houses too.  Well this year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, haunted houses may have to get creative.  Some folks in Orlando already have.  They've announced The Haunted Road, a new drive-thru haunted experience that will open this Fall.

The website for The Haunted Road is live now.  Check it out!  According to the site, the drive-thru Halloween experience will feature "Twisted creatures. Immersive theatrical storytelling. Bloodcurdling encounters."  If you visit the website, you can sign up now to be alerted when additional details and content become available.

It appears The Haunted Road is inspired by a drive-thru attraction that recently opened in Tokyo, Japan.  I found some video about it on YouTube.  It looks pretty cool and you actually listen to the story unfold on your radio as you experience the horrors.

The Haunted Road's Facebook page just went live a couple of days ago, but it's gaining steam and interest quickly.

So, what do you think?  Would you go to a drive-thru haunted house/experience?

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