Not the purge you are thinking of, but a different more soul searching one. 

So, you've probably seen everyone "tidying up" thanks to a recent Netflix show. However, I had a better idea. My best friend moved back from Dallas and is staying with me till her apartment is ready. Although, I am not wanting her to move out because she has been cleaning and cooking and I love it, she wants her own place. Anyways, she moved back and has had so much time on her hands that she wanted to go through my closet. Here's the thing, she comes from years in retail, she was a department manager in Nordstrom in Fort Worth, TX. She has very high fashion style and enjoys the expensive and finer things in life. That being said, she hates 98% of my closet. She actually used to send me boxes full of clothes because she hates my taste in clothes. You might be thinking she is stuck up and pretentious but no, we are more like sisters so she just tells me like it is. We all need friends like that, right?

She said it was time to purge. I filled up 10 trash bags of clothes and two of those contains A TON of shoes! Yes, I let go of a number of my precious shoes. (Thankfully, my husband has a rule that for every two pairs of shoes I get rid of, I can replace with one new pair). Not to mention, several items still had tags on them! Yes, I am that person. It's a problem but I am who I am.

Photo: Kendra
Photo: Kendra


The amount of stress and guilt that left my body was amazing. I had been feeling so guilty for hoarding all these clothes! I am so happy I purged because now we are going to embark on a new custom closet and I can fill it with more clothes and shoes! I highly encourage you to "tidy up" or be like me and take on "The Great Purge of 2019." Plus, my best friend Dani is the best! Holla at me if you need her number!

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