Taylor Swift can do it all and make it look incredibly easy. It seems like when she's not on a crazy worldwide tour, she's busy recording an album. But in between those live gigs and songwriting sessions, Swift still finds the time to sell perfume. How does she do it?!

T. Swift has released her newest fragrance, simply titled Taylor by Taylor Swift. This is her third scent, following the release of Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted. So, what's different about this fragrance aside from the name? Taylor explained to People Magazine, "My first two fragrances were more about fairytales. But this fragrance is more about my own style, so I wanted the name to be more personal."

We're guessing T.Swizzle wanted to make a scent she would actually wear! The fragrance is a mix of fruits, florals and woodsy tones, but it's more than just that. She explained it is, "a mix of a lot of things: It’s sweet, it’s sophisticated, it draws you in. It’s really my way of translating classic, yet modern, into a perfume." Sounds like Swift to a tee -- modern, classic, sweet and sophisticated!

Unlike the whimsical look of her two previous perfumes, Taylor modeled the bottle after her favorite jewels -- pearls, of course! She explained, "Pearls are the one fashion accessory that never seems to go out of style. I keep a strand in my purse, and throw them on whenever I need to dress up my outfit."

Just to sum up: T.Swift is an absolute lady through and through. Why else would she keep a string of pearls in her purse?

So, will you be buying Taylor's newest fragrance? Vote in our poll below.

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