It's tax season and that means one major thing, hello tax refund!

Every year, before April 15, we have to file our taxes and play the game of "how much am I getting back?" Typically I am always super hype to get my refund because I have things picked out that I MUST HAVE (thanks Ariana Grande "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it)! However, this year's a bit different.

Last Spring, I got married. It was all fun and games until I realized we have to file our taxes together. First of all, if you want to test your marriage, do your taxes together and argue about what to spend the money on and why they need so much info. I seriously wanted to scream at my husband and tell him to go you know where. Secondly, I realized we have to "share" or "decide together" what we spend our refund on.

While you are probably thinking, why is she telling me this? That's her personal business and common sense to share. Well, you must know, I hate sharing. I am not the best sharer (is that even a word). In my mind, I work so hard and I have extra money taken out of my check to ensure a refund (I think owing is the worst) that I want to reward myself with something fun/nice! My husband, not so much. He doesn't take out extra in his check, we have house projects we want to do, vacations we want to take and so on. Therefore, Kendra is NOT getting to spend her tax money frivolously. Instead, my husband has other plans.

Last year, we put a pool in. Nothing spectacular but we need to build a deck now to enjoy our pool. While I am excited and I understand where the money is going (because we don't have to dip into savings, yay!), I am slightly annoyed I don't get to buy things I want.

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You might be asking, "what on earth does she want/need with that money?" Well, I will give you an idea:



A new puppy


A second vacation (I want to go on a cruise)

However, my husband had a "chat" with me, as he puts it. That we have to take care of our house and things we own and can't just "be frivolous" with our money. I totally respect him when it comes to finances because he is definitely smarter with money, where as you can clearly see I want to live like Ariana Grande.

Needless to say, we are building our deck, going on vacation, and I can still get SOME make up. As for the rest, I will just have to save up for all the things I want!

Happy Tax Season!

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