Wine delivered right to your door? Yes please!

Some days are longer than others and I get home realizing there is no more wine. It's the worst! I am not going to get back out just for wine so I just end up eating something sweet or having a beer. But now, I discovered my new concierge wine service (pending the shipping and all goes well)!

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Two MIT graduates came up with an algorithm to pair you with the best wines! I am super pumped because I love quizzes and I also love wine. Plus, it gets delivered RIGHT TO MY DOOR! Say what?! Yes, right to your door. However, you do want someone 21 and older home to accept the package so you can send it to your work.

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The quiz consists of 7 questions and then they pair you with 4 wines! You can add a mystery bottle as well (which is one they surprise you with flavor wise), cheese, and a wine opener. I opted out of those because I don't need them but just the 4 bottles is fantastic!

I took the quiz and it paired me with four wines (a rose, white, and two reds) based on how I answered the questions. I am super excited to get them in the mail so you will have to stay tuned on how it turns out!

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If you want to check it out take their quiz, I also have a $50 discount code too!