What better way to spend a day off than enjoy waterfalls and wine? I saw a post my friend in Northern IN, put on her Facebook page, It was about a day trip tour that takes you to wineries and waterfalls. It started at the Sycamore Winery, in my hometown, and ended at Williamsport Falls, near Lafayette, IN. It made me wonder if I could put something together, very similar, in Southern IN. And, I did!

My Waterfalls and Wine Tour takes about 2 1/2 hours driving time, not counting the time you want to spend at each destination. It begins at the Patoka Winery, circles around though the beautiful Southern Indiana country side, until you end up an the Winzerwald Winery near I-64. Take a look at the map!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here is a look at the places you will visit.

Southern Indiana Waterfalls and Wine Tour

If you go n the our, send me some pics. Cheers!

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