Items You Should Never Throw Away
We are all guilty of wanting immediate access to disposal of trash when we are finished with it. There are a lot of families that recycle but what about the families that don't? There is a list of items you should NEVER throw in the trash.
Tree Disposal
If you're the type who opts for a real tree over a fake one, the time has come to take it down. But what do you do with it once you're ready to get it out of your house? There are options depending on where you live.
Evansville Fall Leaf Pickup Begins Monday, October 26th
Summer is officially gone, and with it goes the green leaves on the trees in Evansville as they begin to change into shades of red, yellow, orange, a brown. No doubt a beautiful sight to see until they're all piled up on your lawn. Beginning Monday, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will g…
Heavy Trash Pickup
Need to ditch that old couch or chair your pets have turned into their own cushioned bathroom? No need to find a friend or family member with a truck to haul it off to the dump, the City of Evansville will take care of it for you free of charge during their annual Heavy Trash Pickup service.
Heavy Trash Pickup
Have an old couch that's seen better days, or an old appliance that finally bit the dust, but no means to get it to the dump? No worries! The city of Evansville will haul it off for you during their annual heavy trash pick up.
Heavy Trash Pick Up
Evansville residents who pay for trash service with their water bill (including newly-annexed areas), are eligible for the service from the city's Water & Sewer Utility.