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New Study Shows How ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Actually Harming Society
Many haters of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Teen Mom 2,’ ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Real World’ have always somewhat jokingly said these shows are harming society. Turns out they might be right, at least when young ladies are concerned. A study released on Wednesday by The Parents Television Council (PTC) shows tha…
The Situation’s Situation
Only a day or two after supposedly storming off the set and quitting MTV's "Jersey Shore," Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has allegedly fired his management team, who has in turn sued him for $1,000,000.
The Situation Bombs At The Donald Trump Roast [VIDEO]
The video you are about see has been talked about a lot here at the office for its sheer amount it pain it inflicts upon its viewers. Just a little info for you, Donald Trump was recently the guest of honor at the Friar's Club Roast.  If you don't know about these things, the guest of honor is usual…