Free Electronics Recycling Week in Evansville Begins November 18th
Have an old computer fried by a virus years ago sitting in the basement collecting dust? Maybe there's an old TV in the garage that won't work anymore because it's not compatible with the "digital switch" enacted a few years back? Whatever the case, here's you're chance to recycle those old technological relics of days gone by.
Was TV Better 20 Years Ago? [POLL]
Was TV Better 20 Years Ago?   My look into the 1990s pop culture continues.  I’m going to stay focused on the year 1993, EXACTLY 20 years ago, and compare it to today’s trends.  It’s not music, movies, or video games this time…  Today we’re going to look at television.  T...
Care Bears Rumored to Return to Television
30 years after their initial introduction on greeting cards, and 28 years after their first cartoon aired on television, the beloved 1980's cartoon franchise is getting a relaunch reports Entertainment Weekly.