Real Housewives of New York

7 Cable Networks in Desperate Need of a Name Change
Original Concept: Named after a show of appreciation usually reserved for such highfalutin fare like theater and opera, the network focused its programming with shows on those same subjects, much like A&E.
What It's Become: Like a few of the previously mentioned entries on this list, Bravo s…
7 Cable Networks in Desperate Need of a Name Change
Television is a business. The goal being to make as much money as humanly possible by providing you with programming you want to watch all the time so other companies will hand them barrels full of cash to put their product in front of your face. And like with any business, the name should be an acc…
Vajazzling? Are You Serious?
Vajazzling consists of waxing all the hair from your nether regions, then....get this...attaching colored animal fur! WTF?!?! What is it with women cutting your hair off, no matter where the location, then attaching someone or someTHING else's hair instead?