Purity Bear

Purity Bear Poll Results
According to the results from yesterday's Purity Bear Poll, an OVERWHELMING 100% said that you felt that the commercial sent the right message to girls about guys and pre-marital sex. Which leads me believe that there are a LOT of women out there getting tossed away like old pizza boxes!
The Purity Bear is Back – with SASS! [POLL]
This next installment of the Purity Bear Campaign has a female bear. This black-furred female-voiced bear pops up like the fat friend at the club and tells the GIRL to stop because the guys will just treat her like an old PIZZA BOX and throw her away when he's done! HOW RUDE?!!?
Say No to Sex with The PURITY Bear!
Ever since the Jonas Brothers and the Disney company came out with the silly "Purity Rings", abstinence groups have been trying to find new and creative ways to stop teenage, pre-marital, sex! Most parents will try ANYTHING if it means that they don't have to have the dreaded "TA…