Howie Mandel's Home Vandalized
Noted prankster and America's Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel found himself as the "butt" of a prank from fellow prank veteran Roman Atwood!  Roman is known for taking his pranks and supersizing them, so he didn't just "T.P." Howie's house a roll…
Man Pranks Frogs
I love a great prank, but usually when you see them it's humans pranking humans.  Occasionally at home we prank our dog Leila, and it's funny to watch her get confused at a laser pen or her own reflection.  But this prank, done by someone who clearly has a LOT of frogs, takes the cake!  He recorded …
Epic Makeover Prank
The one advantage of having super-broke roommates is that they don't have the extra cash to spring on giving your room a pretty, pretty princess makeover while you're overseas travelling. This man did not have that advantage.

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