Can you spot a fake?
Recently Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten of Chicago's WGN-Channel 9 reported a plane crash that had occurred in the middle of King Dr. They proceeded to explain the crash live as a news helicopter displayed footage for about three minutes before they were informed that the crash was actually set up for the filming of NBC's Chicago Fire...
The Rob and Kat’s News [ROBCAST]
The Rob and Kat have always taken a unique approach to newscasting.  If you missed the news in the 6AM hour today, here's a sample of your local, national, and celebrity news.  Enjoy the audio below:
Man With 30 Kids Short on Cash [ROBCAST]
We had a lot of fun with the news this morning.  In today's news we covered a wide variety of local and national issues.  The one that seemed to strike the biggest cord with listeners though was a story about a Tennessee man that is having a hard time supporting his 30 children...
Woman Describes Fire on News
"Sweet Brown" is becoming America's new viral sensation.  Daniel Tosh blogged about her on his Comedy Central blog, and now she's appearing in my news feed everywhere I look!  Not without good reason, either!  Enjoy Sweet Brown's terrifying recollection of when her apartment complex caught fire...
Indianapolis Television Reporter Gets Tongue Twisted Live On the Air
Being in the broadcast business myself, I certainly know what it's like when you mouth gets ahead of your brain. I couldn't tell you how many times over my 15 years in radio I've been right in the middle of a thought live on the air only to have the "brain-train" derail or my tongue decide that it doesn't want to cooperate. Fortunately for me, there's no video proof of my mistake that ca
Awesome News Screw Up
I saw this in my news feed yesterday and had to share it with you.  I find it funny that this station's call letters are KIDK.  I assume it stands for "I Don't Know:"