Justin Timberlake Is MySpace’s New Creative Director
After months of rumors, Fox Interactive Media has finally sold MySpace — and one of the troubled social networking site’s new owners looks very familiar.
Turns out that aside from his budding career as a film star — which is soaring as he takes a hiatus from his career as a multiplatinum recording ar…
Myspace Sold For 35 Million
Remember Myspace?
6 years after News Corp. paid $585 million for the once-popular social networking website Myspace, the New York Times is reporting that the site has now been sold for a small fraction of that price.
Justin Timberlake Buys a Stake in Myspace
If he can bring sexy back, why not Myspace? It’s been revealed that Justin Timberlake was a significant financial backer of Wednesday’s $35 million dollar acquisition of Myspace by digital advertising firm Specific Media from former parent News Corp. Timberlake, who played Napster founder and Fac…