Songs of Summer [ROBCAST]
Don't forget that every Saturday from 8-noon we'll rebroadcast some of the best (and WORST) segments from the history of The Rob's Radio Show!
60 Songs From the 90's... In Six Minutes [VIDEO]
Fans of 90's music, like yours truly, will appreciate this.  This is Al Newstead and Anna O'Bryan, comedians more than musicians.  One of their routines involves jamming SIXTY 90's songs into one six-minute performance!  It's fun to try to catch them and name them …
The Rob's Radio Show's Top Songs to Get it on to [ROBCAST]
Love is in the air (AND in the bedroom) on this weekend's edition of The Worst of The Rob!  Tune in this Saturday and every Saturday from 8:00-noon to hear some of the best (AND worst) segments from the history of this show.  The episode comes from the week of Valentine's Day.&nb…

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