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Jared Leto Is Not Pleased With WB’s Desire to Start Seeing Other Jokers
Jared Leto is like that one dude you date who’s kind of a hot mess. He’s really fun and spontaneous, and sure, okay, he really opens you up to new experiences but his sense of humor is weird as hell and he makes some questionable fashion choices. Let’s say the “you” in this scenario is Warner Bros., and you’ve grown a little weary of Leto’s dubious sense of mischief, and also a little tired of all your friends clowning on him on Twitter — so you float an idea that should appeal to his “free spirit”: An open relationship. He’s free to keep making his Joker movies, and you’re free to see other Jokers.
It’s Real, It’s Here, and It’s Magnificent: Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Finally Gets a Trailer
Paramount hasn't been historically known for their baller moves, but when it comes to their bold anti-promotional campaign for Martin Scorsese's Silence, game must recognize game. Keeping a major awards horse almost entirely on the down-low until one month before its December 23 release is one thing; when that movie also happens to be a passion project decades in the making from what very well might be our greatest living filmmaker — American or otherwise — well, that's just showing off. A Martin Scorsese movie sells itself, and Paramount has now reminded the moviegoing public of why that is.
Martin Scorsese Manages to Cut ‘Silence’ to Under Three Hours
There’s an old adage that once a filmmaker reaches a certain point in his or her career, they become incapable of delivering a movie with a running time of three hours. This has become increasingly true of directors who work in both art films and superhero adaptations. I’d wager that most of us don’t spend time worrying about whether our favorite horror film or Disney musical will crack the 180 minute mark, but if the movie stars Batman or was directed by Martin Scorsese? Then yeah, it’s a legitimate concern.
10 Best Academy Awards Moments of All Time [VIDEOS]
Over its 83 years, the Academy Awards ceremony has produced hundreds of memorable, inspirational and surprising moments. The coveted Oscar statuette instigates cinema's elite to cry, kiss, scream and "exercise." With emotions running high and the tension thick, there is no telling what will happen during the upcoming February 27th show. Maybe even something that will knock one of the fol