7 Margarita Enthusiast Must-Haves
Few cocktails have made their mark like the classic margarita. Whether on the rocks, frozen, salted or unsalted, every home mixologist can learn how to whip up a delicious marg to enjoy with these supplies.
Amazing Labor Day Appliance Deals
Labor Day is all about celebrating the hard work you and everyone else in our nation contributed to the prosperity, strength and well-being of our country! So this Labor Day, enjoy your day off of work and treat yourself to some new appliances at a great discount!
Girl Fails Planking Attempt in Kitchen [VIDEO]
Planking is taking the nation by storm. Celebrities, teenagers, adults, everyone is doing it! Many of these attempts are successful, but that is not always the case. Watch as this girl attempts "planking" in her kitchen, and things do not go well at all.