Kids Star Best Picture Nominees
If you're not in the know, a movie has been "sweded" when somebody does a low-budget recreation of it. Now that you know, look at these little kids doing all the movies nominated for Best Picture Oscars. While these are not the most faithful swedes we've ever seen, they a…
Navy Dad Surprises Kids
With yesterday being Veterans Day, there is not a more appropriate time to share this video.  There is nothing more heartwarming than someone being surprised by their loved one who has been away for a while defending our freedom.   This video will make your day.
Kids React to Dubstep
One thing I love about kids, is how brutally honest they are.   This is hilarious.   In this video they play Skrillex's song 'Bangarang'.  Not only do the kids have adorable accents, but the comments they make are hilarious.   Comments like; "It sounds like my dog", "It's robot music&…
Kids Say The Funniest Things [VIDEO]
On an otherwise gloomy day, I thought that we could use a little laughter. After carefully combing the internet, I rediscovered the joys of small children who say crazy things that they shouldn't. It's really only funny because it's not MY child, but it did make me laugh...
Sweet Dreams
Usually I hate when kids do adorable, cute, funny things.  But this video was too cute not to post.  This lil guy fell asleep eating an ice cream cone:

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